The Foundation is looking for a researcher to work on a freelance basis on a research project on the topic of Blockchain Technology.

The research should address, at a minimum, the following questions:

Because blockchain executes a checksum at various distribution points, where is the actual record?
What retention concerns are raised here? (Keeping as an active record, an archived record and e-discovery?) 
How is destruction defined and executed?
Who owns the record?
Are there defined lifecycles?
What are current standards and best practices? Do they differ by industry?

Additional information on the research project can be found on our web site:

A liaison from the Foundation will be assigned to the project and will be a resource to the researcher.

Funding: $5,000.00 (USD), paid in three installments.

Contract Term: 8 months from date of execution of contract.

Copyright: Copyright will be retained by the Foundation.

Deadline for Applications: June 1, 2018

Applications: E-mail your resume and cover letter detailing your relevant experience to:

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