The list below is a selection of past ARMA-NCR information sessions and presentations where available. Click on each link to view the material. 
January 2019 | Lessons Learned from IM Program Assessment | Scott Procter
December 2018 | Let It Go - The Magic of Designing Retention Schedules That Work (Sample Retention Schedule Research Template) | Crystal Parsons (TSB) and Nancy Gover (LAC)
October 2018 | Getting Employee Buy-in for IM Policies (Facebook Live Webstream) | Lewis Eisen
April 2018 | Source Code for Information Managers | Laura Mason
February 2018 | The Future of GCdocs | Trevor Banks
January 2018 | Let's Get Even More Digital | Diane Spencer and Gillian Whichelo
December 2017 | What to Expect When You're Expecting a Validation | Crystal Parsons
October 2017 | Value, Risk, Compliance: Measure IG Success | Steve Matthews
September 2017 | GCDOCS Implementation | Rina Gribovsky 
September 2016 | Digitization of Legacy Records at PCO | Nicole Clermont, Heather Houston, and Dorothy Curley | Supporting Documents: Digitization Quality Assurance Manual and Publish Information Resource Placeholder (Template)
June 2016 | Consultation: GC Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Strategy (English | French) | Consultation Feedback Form | Sylvain Latour and Marie-Claude Côté
March 2016 | IM Means Business (Introduction, Parks Canada, Natural Resources Canada, and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada) | Trevor Banks, Linda Lee, Jason Abdelhadi, and Elisa Frost
January 2016 | Digital Collaboration | Christopher Allison
December 2015 | Library and Archives Canada: Digital Strategy 2015 and Beyond | Michael Corbett and Steve Karam
October 2015 | Tooling Around with IM Enablers | Kathy Roy
June 2015 | Information Security in GCDOCS | Greg Hills
May 2015 | Information Dieting the Painless Way | Witold Merkis
February 2015 | The Virtual Library Initiative at Public Safety Canada: From Vision to Execution | Candace Loewen and Claudette Moise
October 2014 | Not Your Mother's EDRMS | Jason Reid
April 2014 | Open Government Action Plan 2.0 – An Interactive Workshop (Youtube Video on Open Government Partnership and
February 2014 | Imaging and Recordkeeping at Public Safety (English | Français)
  • Directive – Imaging of Text-based Information Resources (English | Français)
  • Standard – Imaging Text-based Information Resources (English | Français)
  • Business Rules – Imaging of Text-based Information Resources (English | Français)
  • Procedures – Imaging of Text-based Information Resources (English | Français)
December 2013 | Standard on Email Management (English | Français)
October 2012 | Information Services: A Transformative View | Phil Culhane
February 2012 | Keeping Your Work Space Organized | Bill Rolph
January 2012 | LAC New Service Model Implementation (English | Français) | Michael Poitras 
December 2011 | IM & Business: Bridging the Divide | Thom Kearney
September 2011 | LAC Recordkeeping Methodology| Anastasia Rodgers and Johanna Smith
October 2010 | Thinking Up better IM solutions | Janice Francisco
September 2010 | eDiscovery Readiness | Mario Pinna and Anne-Lisa de Forest
June 2010 | New Age Classification | Lindsay Fraser
January 2010 | Why You Don’t Know RDIMS | Alex Benay
October 2009 | Para on Perrallel | Chris Perram 
January 2009 | IM Policy Instrument Renewal at INAC | Denise Going
October 2008 | IM - A Glimpse into the Future | Alex Benay


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