Renewing your ARMA-NCR membership is easy and can be done directly through the ARMA international website.

The renewal process is easy and can be done by making your payment online using a credit card. If online payment is a concern to you, a printable application form is available for download and can be mailed with your payment to ARMA International.
During the online or paper-based registration process, remember to select the Ottawa NCR Chapter (038) as your local Chapter.  
Please note that ARMA's memberships and member numbers belong to individual people regardless of who pays for the membership. In the event that an ARMA member has left an organization and that organization wishes the membership to be transferred to a new employee, ARMA International allows both the previous member and the new employee to hold the same membership for the remainder of the year. The Supervisor of the initial member should contact ARMA International Member Services to redesignate a membership in this way. 
Should you have questions about the renewal process, please don't hesitate to contact us directly using the form on our website contact page.



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