Ted Ferrier Award of Excellence
The Ted Ferrier Award of Excellence was created by the ARMA-NCR (Ottawa) Chapter in 1998 to specifically recognize and focus on a pattern of significant contribution by an individual to their professional and/or local community. Recipients of the Ted Ferrier Award of Excellence have clearly and substantially given of themselves in the information management community they have chosen to devote a significant amount of their personal time, energy and resources.
2019-2020 Jeff Ball      
2018-2019 Rodney Young      
2017-18 Anne Lauzon
2016-17 Marie-Claude Côté
2015-16 Lee Armstrong
2014-15 Trevor Banks
2013-14 Jason Reid
2012-13 Gregory Renaud
2011-12 Scott Procter          
2010-11 Sheila Powell
2002-03 Robert Lamadeleine 
2001-02 Susan A. Dalati
2000-01 Claire Lee
1999-00 Bruce Miller
1998-99 Ted Ferrier
Chapter Member of the Year Award
This award, which is sponsored by ARMA International, was established to specifically recognize the most outstanding member in each Chapter for the year.  In evaluating the candidates, emphasis is given to the member's participation in and contribution to the Chapter's activities. 
2019- 20 Deferred      
2018-19 Jessica Helps   1991-92 Richard Dagenais
2017-18 Barb Hodgins 1990-91 Jon Fotheringham
2016-17 Gillian Whichelo 1989-90 Rodney Young
2014-15 Etienne Perras 1988-89 Ray Gorric
2013-14 Cheryl McKinnon 1987-88 Laura Simmermon
2012-13 Mario Gauthier 1986-87 Laura Simmermon
2011-12 Lindsay Fraser 1985-86 Jon Fotheringham
2006-07 Robert Séguin 1984-85 Richard Dagenais
2004-05 Sean Hogan 1983-84 Laura Simmermon
2003-04 Scott Procter 1982-83 Ted Ferrier
2002-03 Lovdy Desjardins 1981-82 Mary Grégoire-Lyons
2001-02 Denis R. Gélineau 1980-81 John Moss Smith
2000-01 Paul Hebert 1979-80 Michael Tyrrell
1999-00 Debbi Roy 1978-79 Claire Lee
1998-99 Robert Drapeau 1977-78 John Moss Smith
1997-98 Debbi Roy 1976-77 Milton Thwaites
1996-97 Brian Stinson 1975-76 Ralph Westington
1995-96 Patrick Richardson 1974-75 John Ridington
1994-95 Neil Adams 1972-74 Harold W. Switzer
1993-94 Susan Dalati 1971-72 Robert P. Morin 
1992-93 Richard Dagenaus    
Chapter Presidents
We would like to give special recognition to the past and present Chapter Presidents for their leadership. Because of their hard work and dedication, the Chapter has been able to accomplish some remarkable feats over the past thirty years. They are all listed below by year of service. 
2020- Megan Jardine 1992-94 Susan Dalati
2018-20 Chantal Lareau 1990-92 Larry Grover
2016-18 Jennifer Woods 1988-90 Jon Fotheringham
2014-16 Corey Thompson 1986-88 Winston Gomes
2013-14 Trevor Banks 1984-86 Ralph Westington
2011-13 Emily Gusba 1983-84 Winston Gomes
2008-11 Natalie Nadon 1982-83 Michael Tyrrell
2006-08 Scott Procter 1980-82 Claire Lee
2004-06 George Sieniecky 1978-80 John Moss Smith
2002-04 Brian Stinson   1976-78 Ted Ferrier
2000-02 Denis R. Gélineau 1973-75 Harold W. Switzer
1998-00 Robert Lamadeleine 1972-73 Dr. Edwin Welch
1996-98 Claire Lee 1971-72 Robert P. Morin
1994-96 Patrick K. Richardson


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